The ladies are BANNED from doing this one thing at the Rose of Tralee

The launch of 2016's Rose of Tralee took place yesterday, with 65 ladies all lined out in hopes of grabbing the title.

But when the 65 women will be whittled down to 32, they will be banned from doing one very specific party piece.


The first of the Roses to arrive at The Rose Hotel #RoseofTralee

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Now, it's safe to say that some Roses come out with pretty weird talents, but this one is actually quite normal.

Traditional poetry is being banned because it's too old-fashioned.

Spokesman for the festival John Drummery said: "The real reason is because in the olden days, poem were seen as a form of entertainment before all the modern entertainment we now see. They had their place in time.

“The Rose of Tralee is constantly evolving to stay modern and relevant. We found there weren’t as many people who wanted to do poems anyway. We just made a decision, in consultation with RTE of course," he told the Irish Sun.


Slainte. Roses get the champagne treatment at The Rose Hotel

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“That was it really. We’ve nothing against poetry or the creative skills of our Roses who like to write their own poems.

“The show will be a little more fast moving without the poems as well. It’s a decision we made and we might add something to it next year instead," John added.