This new cosmetic surgery sounds horrific


How much do you hate putting your bra on every day? Is it enough for you to get one surgically implanted under your skin?

We didn’t think so.

This new cosmetic surgery aims to make it so that you never have to wear a bra again. Instead, you will have silk straps and silicone cups implanted under your skin. This will all be held in place with titanium screws which are DRIVEN INTO YOUR RIBCAGE.

Does that not sound horrific to you? We’d rather wear a bra every minute of every day than do that. 

Apparently three women have successfully undergone the surgery already. You have to wonder though, what’s wrong with a good old-fashioned boob job? Does that not make them perkier aswell?

Also, we'd hate to not have a reason to splash out on pretty bras anymore! We'll be giving this trend a miss, for sure!