This man rang 999 claiming he was in the company of Pablo ESCOBAR

Sometimes, if we have a little too much to drink, we think we've seen in all. Major celebs in Coppers, aliens, and in this man's case, Pablo Escobar.

With Narcos in full flight on Netflix, and with every episode having gone up in one go, it's safe to say many people have binge-watched the latest series, and we can't help but think that's why this man called 999 claiming the former drug lord was in a nightclub with him.

Pablo died in 1993, so we sincerely doubt he was drinking a few pints in Manchester on an average Saturday night.

According to the Manchester Police, the man called multiple times in the space of a few short minutes.

Greater Manchester Police tweeted: "We suspect 1am 999 call Charles St from man claiming to be FBI, asking for help to detain Pablo Escobar in a nearby nightclub, was a hoax."

Lads, don't drink and dial.