This KFC scented CANDLE could be the grossest thing we’ve ever seen


Forget fresh linen and vanilla scents, the time has come for a scented candle that makes your home smell like a greasy takeaway.

Have you ever thought, "I really wish I had a fried chicken-scented candle right now?"

Realistically you probably haven't, but just in case you have, KFC is making all your fried food scented dreams come true. 


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“What better way to light up your nights than with a limited edition KFC Scented Candle?" questions the KFC New Zealand Instagram page. We can think of a few.

The New Zealand chain is holding a #KFCAdventCalendar contest on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that offers the chance to win all kinds of KFC merchandise, including the candles.


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Entrants are encouraged to make suggestions for more KFC themed gifts, and chicken-scented lip gloss, body lotion and knitted drumstick mittens featured among the suggestions.

Only 25 of the scented candles are up for grabs, so if you want one of these monstrosities then get entering.