This Harry Potter Gift Guide is perfect for magic-loving muggles

As a self-confessed Harry Potter addict, these pressies are literally my dream.

Christmas to Potter fans is sitting back in front of a roaring firre, sipping on a Butterbeer, after a snowy afternoon pottering around Hogsmeade. 

Maybe dipping into a box of Bertie Botts Every Favour Beans. (See? Told you were were Potter obsessives.)

And we're sure that everyone has a Potterhead friend/sibling/boyf/girlf/colleague – so what better present to get them then something inspired by the Wizarding world?

We've gathered a few gorgeous gift ideas that Harry Potter fans will be delighted to unwrap this Christmas…you're welcome. 

Hogwarts Combat Boots (
Platform 9 3/4 Crossbody Bag
Harry Potter™ Real Talking Sorting Hat™ (
Harry Potter™ Swish and Flick Cosmetic Brushes(


Dumbledore's Office Scented Candle
Magic Moving Photo Printer
Sorting Hat Charm Bracelet
Chocolate Frog


Hermione Granger™ TimeTurner™ by Noble Collection (
Aquarius Harry Potter Marauders Map 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle (
Harry Potter Hogwarts Travel Mug (
Harry Potter: The Character Vault(
Don't Worry – Luna Lovegood (
Harry Potter Colour Changing Glass (
ALEX AND ANI Harry Potter Glasses Ring Wrap (
Harry Potter Muggles Latte Boxed Mug (

Whatever you choose to get, you can be sure that any Harry Potter fans will be riddikukus-ly happy.