This could be the most awkward cake decoration EVER

There is nothing in the world more horrifically embarrassing than being walked in on by your boyfriend’s parents while getting it on. Well… nothing in the world except the “Sorry we caught you dry-humping” cake that follows.

These two cringing parents obviously felt a sincere apology was the way to go to smooth things over after finding their son and his girlfriend grinding in the living room.

Rather than write a letter or make a call, Reddit user One Skinny Mexican said his parents baked a cake with the concise message “Sorry we caught you dry-humping our son — we still love you!”

“The way my mother caught me was because we have security cameras set up in our house, monitoring certain rooms,” said the Reddit user. “We can pull up the views at any time… All my mom could see when she looked at the camera was my girlfriend moving back and forth.”


Apparently the poor lad’s mum “just thought it would be funny” to bake the cake. We wonder if his girlfriend thought it was quite so hilarious!