This celeb’s spot cream selfie makes us love her even more!


Millie Macintosh has proved that she is, in fact, human. She even gets the odd spot, and goes to bed like this!

Her husband Professor Green obviously doesn’t mind, as he uploaded a photo the next morning of the pair of them cuddled up together – spot cream and all, awh!

He captioned the photo: "Just woke her up with my phone alarm, the door bell going and setting off house alarms #MORNING"

The pair seem to have a great relationship, which we suspect is down to their shared sense of humour. Remember that photo Millie posted of Green’s ‘other bird’?!

A spoof advert for the rapper’s new album Growing Up In Public has been released too. Green pokes fun at his rags to riches story, and Millie also features in the ad. We’ve got to say, we love these two together! More selfies please!