This actor is rumoured to be dating this famous singer!


James Franco is full of surprises lately, especially when it comes to his love life (we won’t comment on that Instagram incident). But this latest rumour even shocked us!

According to reports, the actor is rumoured to be dating famous singer, Lana Del Rey. This doesn’t come long after her public split with long-term boyfriend, Barrie James O’Neill.

Lana spoke recently about her split in an interview with Fashion magazine: “It’s been a tenuous and tumultuous three years … It was very rewarding, but very difficult. Trying to get consistency and normality within the dynamic of that relationship has been impossible. He’s unwell and I’m unwell in some ways, and psychologically we’ve been through a lot together.”

If that wasn’t enough, Lana also spoke of how she would love to find love with someone again, and even talked about the prospect of marriage: “I would love to find someone I could share my life with and be married to.”

James and Lana have been fuelling rumours of a possible romance, since they started posting photos of each other on their social media accounts.

Lana was also spotted at red carpet at the premiere of Franco’s new movie, Child Of God.