These things are bringing your happiness levels down


Being happy is not a matter of trying to find something to make us happy, it’s more about taking away what is making us unhappy.

Here are 5 things that are bringing you down:

Trying to impress everyone
Don’t spend your days trying to impress others, you will never be good enough. If it makes you happy  then that’s good enough.

Being afraid
You’ll be never be happy until you complete what you strive to achieve, so don’t avoid doing something that you really want to because you’re afraid of it. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Nobody likes a moan and while you may think voicing your annoyance over something is making you happier it’s actually making you feel worse. Look for positives in things and avoid any negatives.

Criticising others
Putting someone down won’t make you feel happy, you’re simply putting your own negatives onto someone else. Stop it right now.

Dwelling on the past
You won’t find happiness looking to the past, instead look to the future and how wonderful things will be.