These Modern Family stars crashed a party and went waaay overboard!


Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet might be hilarious as Cam and Mitch on Modern Family but they weren't quite so charming recently when they crashed a university party in Kansas!

The actors were at Eric's old college, Kansas State University, to give a talk to students recently. The pair decided to go for a few drinks afterwards… and ended up reliving their glory days! 

Chatting with Conan O'Brien show during the week, Jesse revealed that the two lads stopped by Eric's old fraternity house, Pi Kappa Alpha, at the very respectable time of 2.30am. They found the remains of a wild party and made the executive decision to go exploring further. As you do!

The real fun came when the pair took a peek into Eric's old room… only to find a couple getting busy in the bed! "There was a man in there with his lady friend and they were under the sheets doing naughty, naughty things," Jesse joked to Conan. 

But the bould couple apparently didn't mind too much about being walked in on – all they wanted was a photo wth the two stars. 

"We come into the room and … she's covering herself up with the sheet," said Jesse. "And then she says: "Oh my God! Can we get a picture with you guys?"'

To be honest, we'd probably have done the exact same!