These are the top 15 coffee shops in Ireland that you need to try

Coffee lovers, listen up!

According to research, one in three Irish people tend to buy themselves a coffee at least once a day. Whether you’re a latte fiend or a devoted espresso fan, coffee has become one of our nation’s most popular drinks. 

However, even though a lot of us choose to resort to big coffee chains for our daily cuppas, there are still some wonderful independent coffee shops around the island of Ireland that deserve some love.

So, to that end, the people behind Betway have released their finalised list of 15 coffee shops that you need to try. The next time you need a pick-me-up and want to grab a cuppa, then why not test out one of these independent coffee shops instead:

Beanhive Coffee, Dublin

Located right near St Stephen's Green Park and Grafton Street, this wonderful little coffee shop is the ideal place for a pitstop, if you happen to be in Dublin’s city centre! In particular, we’re in awe of their magnificent works of latte art.

Aroma Coffee Shop & Mini Bakery, Donegal 

If you’re in Donegal Town and are ever in desperate need of a coffee and sweet treat, then this is the place to be! Plus, Aroma Coffee Shop itself is situated in Donegal Craft Village, meaning that you can have a wander through its handmade jewellery, art and pottery collections, once you’ve finished your warming cup of coffee.

Shoe Lane Coffee, Dublin

Shone Lane’s coffee is to die for, and they also have an incredible selection of pastries on offer! The brand has two branches on Tara Street and in Dun Laoghaire, meaning that you will never be stuck for your next coffee fix.

Esquires – The Organic Coffee Co, Galway 

Located in Eyre Square, this stunning coffee shop has everything you need for that pre-work coffee hit, or a relaxing afternoon catchup with loved ones. The Esquires team has since branched out and expanded into several other counties such as Roscommon, Tippearary and Kilkenny, which is amazing news!

Lemon Jelly Cafe, Dublin

Yes, the Lemon Jelly Cafe is as delicious as its name sounds! You’ll be able to find this hidden gem along the Millenium Walkway, where you can delight in heavenly coffee, as well as scrumptious meal options such as omelettes, crepes and more!

Three Fools Coffee, Cork

The word ‘fool’ might be in the name, but you wouldn’t be a fool paying a visit to this wholesome coffee shop! Not only do they have a brilliant branch on Cork’s Grand Parade, but they now also offer the chance to make their smooth coffees at home, with their coffee pouches available to buy in person and online.

Blueberry Tea Rooms, Donegal 

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We’re obsessed with this quaint little place! Noted for its striking blue exterior, Donegal Town’s Blueberry Tea Rooms doesn’t just offer up some incredible teas – it also does beautiful coffees, too! If you fancy a bite to eat alongside your delicious drinks, then you can also sample their breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

Cork Coffee Roasters, Bridge St, Victorian Quarter, Cork

If you’re a fan of vintage decor, then you will absolutely love this place! Cork Coffee Roasters offer a range of wonderful coffees and cakes to test out any time, as well as blends to try out at home. Bridge Street is the brand’s original location, but there are also three other branches across the city for locals and tourists alike to enjoy.

Manna Cafe & Bistro, Killarney

As the name suggests, sumptuous coffee isn’t the only thing on offer in Manna! This family owned café also has a wonderful selection of wraps, burgers, fry-ups and more to try. You’ll be able to find all of these treats and more on Old Market Lane!

Lir Cafe, Killarney


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This place is truly special! Not only does Lir Cafe in Kenmare Place offer up an astounding variety of teas, coffees and cold drinks, but it is also well-known for its beautiful range of handmade chocolates – what’s not to love?

Wildberry Cafe, Limerick 

You might initially be attracted to this cafe’s beautiful blue design, but it’s the treats inside that really count! For anyone in Limerick, Wildberry offers the most heavenly coffee options, as well as delicious eats such as sweet waffles, salads and more. Go on, treat yourself!

Little Lane Coffee, Galway 

This cute little cafe is the perfect place for a treat-yourself day, or a chance to have a cuppa with a dear friend. Little Lane provides everything from delectable coffee to the sweetest of sweet treats. You can find them on Abbeygate Street!

SOMA Coffee Company, Cork

If you’re looking for a new coffee place to try, then why not try SOMA? This place has every kind of coffee you could ever want, and they also sell pouches that you can take home with you to make yourself! Best of all, SOMA has three branches across Cork for coffee lovers to visit. 

Cafe Rose, Limerick

Situated on Roches Street, this lovely cafe will instantly grab your attention! Pop in for a steaming (or iced, if that’s your preference) cup of coffee, and then test out its incredible food menu, with everything from burgers and eggs benedict, to cinnamon rolls and salads.

Rift Coffee, Limerick


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Last but not least, take a trip down to Rift Coffee and sample their heavenly coffee! Whether you like to keep it simple or try out different milks and syrups, this stunning branch on Upper Mallow Street will satisfy your caffeine cravings throughout the day.