These are the signs that you’re using too many skincare products


On paper, using lots of nourishing skincare products can only seem like a good thing. Many of us suffer from different skin types, which means that there is an abundance of products for us to choose from. Whether it be dryness, acne, excessive oil or visible pores, there are many options on the market to help keep your skin under control.

However, as much as we treasure our daily skincare routine, we’ve noticed that sometimes, an abundance of products might not be the best thing for our faces.

If you’ve been concerned recently about your skin’s condition and you think your selection of products needs to be changed, then fear not – we are here to help!

Below, we have laid out a few pointers to help you figure out if you're using too many products, and also some tips on how to cut back on them:

Your skin can’t cope with the overload

First and foremost, many skin experts argue that you shouldn’t overload your face with a bunch of different products, because it won’t be able to absorb them properly. Each time you use multiple products in a row, you are swamping your skin with a mix of different ingredients, which can then cause dryness and irritation. Naturally, if you already suffer with these issues, then these flare-ups will be the last thing you’re aiming for. So, sometimes, less is more!

You’re too rough with your application

Just like brushing your teeth too hard, washing your face harshly can cause lasting damage to your skin. Although it might feel satisfying at the time, using tools such as facial scrubs or harsh brushes can sometimes be too much for sensitive skin to cope with. Additionally, if the temperature of the water in your bathroom sink is too hot, this can also negatively affect your skin. Approach your skincare routine more gently by using lukewarm water and steering clear of harsher products.

Your products don’t pair well together

Like many things, sometimes products just aren’t a perfect match! If you are using an overload of products, then it is possible that some of those ingredients could be clashing against each other, which only causes your skin to flare up even more. Understandably, it can be difficult to figure out which products pair best together, especially if you’re using ones from multiple different brands. Instead, we would suggest that you should stick to products from the same brand range – at the very least, until your skin adjusts!

Your skin doesn't need certain products

Skincare has had many trends and crazes in recent years, which has led us to believe that certain products are a ‘necessity’ and that we’ve been doing our skincare routine ‘wrong’ without these things. However, this isn’t always the case! For instance, lots of skincare experts argue that toner isn’t an absolute requirement, and that if you have extremely sensitive skin, you shouldn’t include it in your routine. As long as you have a great cleanser and moisturiser, then you can’t go wrong. Anything else is just an added bonus!

The constant changing of products isn’t good for you

We know how tempting it can be to treat yourself to a new skincare product every time you’re out shopping. However, when it comes to your skin, constantly exposing it to new products isn’t necessarily the best thing for it, as you need to give it time to adjust and settle in with each new routine. Plus, if you have a bunch of mismatched products in your bathroom, then it’s highly unlikely that you could end up reaching for a moisturiser that expired months ago – which will only make your skin worse! We would recommend that, once you find a collection of products that works well with your skin, to stick with them for the long haul.