These are the best ‘I love you’ cards ever!


If you've ever found yourself standing in front of the card section of the shop on your boyfriend's birthday, trying desperately to decide which card is least likely to make your boyfriend vomit due to its overly soppy nature, then you will appreciate the humour in these cards!

We don't know where you can buy these cards, but we might just make our own this February!

Whoever this card is for is a definite keeper!

Honesty is the best policy.

Always a fan of some toilet humour! 

Us girls have to put up with a lot, in fairness.  

This means a lot. 

True love. 

Exactly what every girl has thought at one stage or another! 

If you go to the bother of shaving your legs for someone, it's meant to be. 

Let's not go overboard.

A strange one! 

The stuff of romance novels. 

You gotta take the good with the bad…. 

Just sayin'. 

Everyone loves a pun! 


Again with the puns! 

You know what we mean. 


Awh – kind of. 

Means a lot! 

It's not all about looks, y'know? 

For the techies among you! 

Love is blind. 

So true.