There’s more! These NEW pics of Kim take “naked” to another level


Wow. We thought we'd seen it all yesterday morning when some seriously steamy pictures of Kim Kardashian were published as part of her shoot for Paper magazine.

Now though, it turns out Kim's butt definitely wasn't the only thing she bared for the scandalous pictures.

New NSFW photos from inside the new issue of the magazine have been published, and they leave nothing to the imagination (don't worry, we've blocked out the naughty bits):

In one picture, Kim stands in side profile, and in another she is completely naked facing the camera.

Well, that was unexpected.

According to Paper, it was Kim's decision to show off all her assets for the photo shoot. "It was her idea to take off her clothes and show more than her butt," said the magazine's editorial director Mickey Boardman. "But we didn’t say "let’s do a cover with your butt hanging out… She said she was willing to take her clothes off and one thing lead to another."

He added that Kim's attitude was, "If we’re gonna do it, let’s really go there." 

As for the intense speculation that Kim's derriére had been Photoshopped, Mickey did admit that some "retouching" had taken place. "That is her butt. It is not padded. It is not augmented. That is all really her. But, yes, there was retouching to clean things up and make things look amazing," he said.

Although Kim was quick to do some self-promotion when the first round of pictures were published yesterday, she has kept quiet on social media so far about the second batch of nudes. Watch this space!