There’s a new lady in Harry Styles’ life and fans aren’t happy!


It looks like there’s a new lady in Harry Styles’ life and his fans have been expressing their grief on Twitter. 

The One Direction star was spotted out and about not once, but twice with Victoria’s Secret model, Nadine Leopold. The pair were seen getting some coffee in Starbucks and then again on a night out together in New York where the band were performing on Saturday Night Live

Although many fans have claimed that Nadine has a boyfriend, it seems she and Harry are very close indeed, as he was even spotted wearing her jacket for a while on the night out…hmm!

Back in November, the model was seen sharing a taxi with Harry after a restaurant date so it seems that Harry may indeed have found himself a new girlfriend!

Many fans are less than pleased at this news, and are sharing their displeasure on Twitter. We hope Nadine isn’t too sensitive!