The world’s most extraordinary hotel has been named


The luxurious Mihir Garh in Rajasthan, India has been named the world’s most extraordinary hotel by Lonely Planet.

The castle is located on a sand mound at the edge of a desert and would set you back £320 for a one night’s stay. However, it didn’t just win on its extravagance as spokesperson for Lonely Planet, James Kay explains.

He says: “Few hotels are created without compromise; Mihir Garh is a rare example. This is not just a unique place to stay; it’s a shrine to the artistic and architectural traditions of Rajasthan in general and Jodhpur in particular.”

Coming in second was The Planet Baobab in Botswana’s Kalahari desert where guests sleep in colourful thatched huts and watch lions on the horizon.

The Torre Prendiparte B&B in Bologna came in a respectable third and the 900-year-old tower, which is the second tallest building in the city, comes complete with a rooftop terrace and “breathtaking” views of the Italian city.

Now all we need to do is pack a bag and decide which one to go for – decisions, decisions.

Hotel 3

L -r: Mihir Garh in Rajasthan, The Torre Prendiparte B&B in Bologna, The Planet Baobab in Botswana