The world’s most amazing waterfalls


There is something quite special about witnessing gallons of water plummeting over a ledge into the depths below. With so many beautiful waterfalls in the world, you could probably spend a whole year wandering the globe visiting them. So, to make sure you don’t miss the best ones, we have compiled a list!

Iguazu Falls
Located in Argentina, this incredible water feature spans a width of two miles.

This powerful waterfall in Norway cascades down over beautiful rock. You can even view the incredible scene from the comfort of your car.

Cuquenan Falls
If you are after the wow factor and not so much the amount of water, then Cuquenan Falls in Venezuela is for you. It drops for about 2,000 feet and is the second tallest in the country.

Ouzoud Waterfall
Ouzound Waterfall is located in the mountains of Morocco and is surrounded by gorgeous scenery including an abundance of olive trees. The water falls over beautiful red rock and is picture perfect.

Niagra Falls
Of course, this one has to feature in the list. It is just right on the border of America and Canada and is a huge expanse of amazing views. If you’re ever in Canada, make sure to pop by.

Powerscourt Waterfall
We could not complete the list without mentioning one of Ireland’s most beautiful waterfall. If you have never been, it is time to head to Wicklow. It will be worth it, especially in the summer.


Top l – r: Iguazu Falls, Langfossen, Cuquenan Falls

Bottom l – r: Ouzoud Waterfall, Niagra Falls, Powerscourt Waterfall