The world’s favourite dogs have been revealed and they’re so cute


Our dogs have been a huge comfort to us during the lockdown. We’ve truly never appreciated them as much as we have over the past few weeks. Our furry friends have helped us smile on bad days and dragged us out of the house when all we’ve wanted to do was lounge about in our pyjamas.


New research released today from reveals the most popular puppy breeds in every country.

When it comes to the world’s all-time favourite puppy, it’s a close call between two popular breeds, with Golden Retrievers slightly ahead of German Shepherds by 96,000 searches a year.

The Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Husky, Corgi and Rottweiler made the top 5.

Mubina Pirmohamed, manager of pet insurance at, said:

“In these uncertain times, it seems that thousands of us are turning to the web for pictures of puppies to put a smile on our faces. Whether you’re separated from a family dog, contemplating getting your own furry friend to keep you company, or searching for pictures of puppies to make you smile, the uplift in searches shows that puppies are among the many things we are missing in our lives during the current climate.

“Our favourite puppy breeds might be based on factors such as temperament, ‘cuteness’, or because they remind us of our childhood pets. Whatever the reason, it’s clear to see that many of us have a love for dogs, with lots of countries sharing their favourite dog breeds.

“If you’re considering adopting a dog or puppy, remember that it’s a big decision that comes with long-term responsibility and financial commitment including pet food, grooming, vaccinations and pet insurance to help cover vet bills. In the midst of a national lockdown, people may have more time at home to look after and train a puppy, but ensure that you’re  able to continue to look after a puppy long-term when rejoining society.” For lots of helpful information and advice, check out MySweetPuppy.