The weird bacon treats that you need to try

While we’re used to having some simple streaky rashers with our fry, there are now many weird but delicious ways to munch on some bacon pieces.

Bacon Rice Krispie Buns
When sweet and savoury collide. Just stick with your regular Rice Krispie recipe but swap the usual melted chocolate for some peanut butter instead and of course, stick some cooked bacon pieces into the mix as well.

Bacon Cheesecake
Another sweet and salty treat. Make your usually plain cheesecake recipe and sprinkle some bacon pieces on top.

Cheese and Bacon Dip
Not as weird but still really delicious. All you need is some cream cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream and of course, bacon.

Bacon Cupcakes
An American treat. This bacon and maple syrup mix has become a huge hit with food lovers.

Bacon Cookies
Not only sweet but can also be seen as an arguable breakfast treat. All you need to make these bacon cookies is your regular oatmeal cookie recipe and again, bacon.