TV judge single again amid reports of ‘close’ relationship with co-star


And another one bites the dust.

This morning we reported that Hollyaoks star Stephanie Waring had called time on her relationship with boyfriend Riad Erraji, and now it has been revealed that The Voice judge Ricky Wilson is also now single.

The Kaiser Chiefs frontman admitted this weekend that he has split from his girlfriend of five years, TV producer Lesley Williams.

Opening up on the reason behind the break-up, Ricky revealed that the fame brought by his new role on the BBC talent show had its role to play.

“I took the risk of putting myself out there and I knew it was going to change me. I feel quite uncomfortable that I dragged someone else in who didn’t want that. It’s a huge part of my life and I find it tricky that I can’t have it both ways,” he said.

A source also told The Sun newspaper: “Ricky always wanted to keep Lesley out of the limelight and hates the idea that people will be talking about their break-up.”

Meanwhile, plenty of viewers have drawn attention to Ricky’s flirting with singer and fellow The Voice judge Rita Ora, who is in a relationship with designer Tommy Hilfiger’s son, Ricky.

Could there on-screen chemistry have also made for uncomfortable viewing?