The top 10 European mini-breaks are revealed and wow

Who doesn't love a mini-break?

While we all look forward to our week or two away in the summer, a spontaneous weekend break can help that everyday slog a little bit easier. 

230,000 Irish guests have booked European breaks outside of Ireland in the months leading up to Christmas – so where are we choosing to galavant off to on these wonderful breaks?

Airbnb have revealed the top ten places and you might be surprised.  

Number one onn the list is the fabulously chic city of Naples.

Famed for the hustle-bustle of its narrow streets, Roman ruins and Neapolitan dishes and is set to welcome 159% more Irish guest arrivals between now and the middle of December compared to last year.


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Coming in second is Rovaniemi in Lapland, who will see 120% Irish guest arrival growth this winter.

The official home of Santa is the perfect destination for those likely to be in search of an authentic winter wonderland experience in the arctic circle – we can already hear the sleigh bells ringing.


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Other European cities steeped in culture, such as Bath, UK (97%), Carcassonne, France (94%) and Vienna, Austria (81%) have seen a surge in popularity amongst Irish guests, compared to the same time last year.


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So, the official top 10 trending European destinations on Airbnb for Irish travellers are:

Naples, Italy (159% guest arrival growth)

Rovaniemi, Finland (120%)

Bath, England, UK (97%)

Carcassonne, France (94%)

Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, UK (82%)

Derry, Northern Ireland, UK (82%)

Vienna, Austria (81%)

Liverpool, England, UK (77%)

London, England, UK (71%)

Antibes, France (64%)

What places take your fancy from the list?