The Spice Girls have REUNITED and are forming a NEW band!

Celebrating 20 years since the release of their debut single, the Spice Girls have confirmed a reunion, but not in the way we expected. 

Wannabe was released on July 8 1996, and changed the meaning of the word 'Girlband' forever. 

We have been hearing whispers of a Spice Girls reunion for a long time, but it would seem that the dream is about to become a reality. 

Emma, Geri and Mel B, also known as Baby, Ginger and Sporty, took to YouTube yesterday to announce some pretty MAJOR news.

The trio stated that they will be staging a reunion to commemorate the anniversary of Wannabe, in the form of a "party."

Despite our excitement, two familiar faces were missing from this 40 second video.

Victoria Beckham is currently running her very successful fashion company, while also raising four children, which might explain why she is unavailable to party down with the Spice Girls. 

Mel Chisholm is also a busy woman, currently working on her seventh studio album, and judging the Asia's Got Talent show. 

The three remaining popstars have renamed themselves GEM, and are gearing up to make all of our spice-dreams come true. 

There is no news yet on the real details of the reunion, all we know is that GEM will be taking to the stage in the near future. 

"You've stood by us for 20 years, and we wanna say a big thank you,'" Geri says in the video. 

Well ladies, YOU ARE WELCOME!