The secrets of couples who stay together forever


Whether they’ve been together for months or years, we all know couples who have had their fair share of trials but still manage to get through it all stronger than ever.How do they do it? Well, here is what you need to do to be one of these cute forever couples:

Ask about their day
Simple niceties can go a long in a relationship.

Accept that you will fight
You won’t agree on everything but that doesn’t mean that every fight will be the be all and end all of your relationship.

Relationships are partnerships and like many partnerships you will have to reach compromises on many things. Sometimes that means allowing him to watch a football match while your favourite programme is on, but hey, that’s what the record button is for.

Honesty is key to ensuring a long lasting relationship, because despite what you think those fibs will come back to haunt you eventually.

Love each other unconditionally
Cheesy but true, sometimes it’s really that simple.