The science behind why breaking-up hurts so much


If you’ve ever broken up with someone that you really liked, you will know that it sucks. Sometimes, it sucks so much that you could swear you are actually feeling physical pain – but how could this be? Here are some reasons why!

It’s your brain’s fault
Apparently, when there’s something we really need or want, the oldest part of our brain (sometimes referred to as the lizard or reptile brain) makes it so that we can’t concentrate on anything else. Which, we suppose, was a good thing back in the cave-man days, because it meant they were forced to go find food rather than doing something else. This instinct however, is not so good when you’re trying to forget your ex.

Rejection = death sentence (at least in your head!)
Once again, the cave-men are to blame. Back then, if you were rejected from a tribe, it was unlikely that you would survive on your own. Even though things are very different today, your brain hasn’t quite caught up. A study from the University of Amsterdam found that when people were rejected their heart rate actually slowed down and took longer than usual to get back to business.

Because you were addicted to love
One study compared the brains of cocaine addicts going through withdrawal symptoms with people who recently lost someone they loved, and there were actually several similarities. This explains why people who’ve been rejected often act in unpredictable ways as well.

Hopefully by understanding the science behind why love hurts so much, you’ll be able to deal with the break-up a bit better. It’s never easy, but you’ll get there! And who knows, your very own Ryan Gosling could be just around the corner!