The Saturdays’ star reveals epic honeymoon fail!


The Saturdays’ star Frankie Sandford – or Bridge should we say – had her dream wedding to footballer Wayne Bridge last month.

But now the star has revealed a proper CRINGE moment while on her honeymoon to the Seychelles.

Frankie explains, “Wayne and I went snorkelling and I had flippers and goggles on.”

“I jumped off the edge of the boat and my bikini bottoms got caught on a ladder, so I was hanging off the boat by my knickers. 

“They were up by my shoulders so you can imagine the vision. I was trying to get Wayne's attention but he was sorting his goggles out at the time, so the poor man who works on the boat was trying to unhook me.

“He was trying to be professional and not laugh but he was giggling. Thank God, there were no paps around. They're really nice and baggy, those pants now," she said. 


Thankfully Frankie – good sport that she is – saw the funny side!

“I couldn't stop laughing. I was devastated that Wayne didn't see because he would have found it really funny,” she said.