The pursuit of perfect brows went really wrong for one teen

Oh no, this is literally the stuff of beauty treatment nightmares! 

Polly Smith, a 19-year-old dancer from Buckinghamshire in the U.K, went to a local beauty salon in the pursuit of beautiful brows, but what she ended up with was anything but. 

She had a massive allergic reaction to the treatment, which included the threading technique and a dye used to tint her eyebrows.

The day after getting the procedure done, Polly's eyes were so badly swollen she could hardly open them due to a severe allergy to the dye used on her face.

According to Polly, she completed the patch test for the eyebrow dye before under going the treatment and nothing unusual had shown up. 

To her horror, she was left with a layer of scabs surrounding her extremely swollen eyes and eyebrows which resulted in her going to hospital three days later. 

But that's not all, Polly said her eyebrows are beginning to fall out and doctors told her she could be scarred for life.