The Natural Bakery opens new store in Donnybrook

Anna Nolan, presenter of The Great Irish Bake Off, officially opened Dublin’s second Natural Bakery store in Donnybrook yesterday.

The Natural Bakery opened its first store in Kilmainham and third will soon open in Rathmines.

A state of the art bakery is located on site in the Donnybrook store and the company boasts a highly skilled team of bakers.

Breads from all over the world will be available, from the Irish brown and white soda, French baguettes and Pain de Champagne and Poland’s Roogalla as well as a wide range of delicious cakes and pastries.

Owner of The Natural Bakery, Luke Creighton, spoke about his delight at the opening of the new store: “When we opened our first store in Kilmainham we never imagined that we would see queues of people outside the store waiting to buy our products. I feel very confident that this shop in Donnybrook and indeed the shop we will be opening next month in Rathmines will also be a hit. We are creating jobs and in my opinion we are also creating some of the best breads and pastries in the city.”