The movies that makes us love our friends even more!


There are some very special films that manage to spark amazing memories of childhood friends, while also reminding us of the gems we've been lucky enough to meet as adults. These classics will make you want to ring your primary school bessie and thank her for not telling anyone about the time you pee'd yourself on a midnight treasure hunt.

The bond between the four girls in this 1995 coming-of-age movie made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside and it got us thinking about the roles certain friends played in our lives. There was the friend who explained, with the help of her older sister’s magazines, what sex was all about. The friend who pulled us out of our first ever teenage meltdown with an abundance of hugs, chocolates and the promise she’d be there every month to do the same and the friend who looked like she was a long way from catching up with the rest of us, before transforming, overnight, into the girl we all want to be. If only we all had the flashlight/ bell-ringing/ walkie-talkie code the girls of the Gaslight Addition had.

Stand By Me
Ok, so we never wanted our adventures to end with the discovery of a dead body, but Stand By Me brings back memories of the wholesome fun you had with your friends during your teen years. Yeah, we know, we know- half the time we were up to no good, but what about those times we packed picnics, went on long walks or camped just inches from our back door. What about those amazing times? Admit it, they were almost always more fun than the nights spent trying to be cool while sitting on the local wall for six hours.

Watching Clueless is like watching a playback of your teen years, minus the yellow tartan miniskirts, miniature dogs and white Jeeps obviously. Seeing Cher and her friends navigate the minefield that was secondary school stresses- jealousy, boys, virginity, frenemies and make it through the other side reminds us of the issues we faced on a daily basis in school. Where would we have been without our friends during those times? (Well, the ones we weren't fighting with at the time, we mean.)

Thelma& Louise
And what about the glorious girls we meet as adults? There’s not a single girl who’s seen this 1991 classic and hasn’t considered which friend would be the Thelma to her Louise. Deciding which buddy would be suitable to accompany us cross country, through robberies, bar brawls and encounters with Brad Pitt, had caused us many a sleepless night. They all could! Who do I pick!! Maybe the one's that take the best selfie?