The many reasons to love our mammies

They give the best advice
We hate to admit it but they really do and always seem to know what they’re talking about too.

They cook the best meals
We try and try in vain but nothing can ever compete with our mam’s home cooked meals.

They tolerate you at your worst
Whether it was those terrible teen mood swings or even at your worst now, they give you space and are always there if you need a good cry.

They always call
As much as we complain about their constant phone calls, we would be lost without them.

They’re brutally honest
They aren’t afraid to tell you if they think that your outfit is not flattering or if you are about to make a terrible choice. The annoying thing that comes along with that brutal honesty, is they are usually always right.

They never judge
If you make a mistake they never judge; they’re just there to give you a hug and cup of tea and tell you it will be all better in the morning.

Let’s face it, we would be lost without our mammies.