The makeup trends you’ll be seeing everywhere this winter


While we don’t love the darker evenings, cooler temperatures or 20 layers of clothing you have to take on and off each day, we do love on thing in particular about the changing of the season:

Getting to break out our winter makeup looks!

Glittering palettes, deep, rich colours and dark, dramatic eye looks – the winter season means that we can mix and match to our heart’s content in our goodie bag of makeup! We love a bold deep plum lip with a gold sparkly eye look or even a classic Christmas red to offset a rosy blush – the possibilities are endless!

Three Women Sitting on a Sofa

With the season being synonymous with parties and get togethers, we like to have lots of creative and beautiful makeup looks ready to go in our application arsenal so we can be the belle of every Christmas party we attend – and that means being up to date on this year’s hottest makeup looks and trends!

A bold lip


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This goes without saying really, but every year, we’re always so excited to bring the bold lip look back into play. Summer with all it’s light, sheer colours and coverage is fun, and great for the season that’s in it, but there’s just something so confidence-inspiring about finding the perfect shade of red for you!

A quick and handy tip to find the right colour for you is to look at your skin’s undertones; if you have olive or sallow skin and your veins come up a greenish colour on your skin, you want a warm red, with orange-y undertones to it. Whereas if, like me, you have pale or pink-toned skin and your veins show up blue or purple, you want something with cooler undertones of purple or blue through it.

Graphic eyeliner


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This is a new trend for the Christmas season and not one that we’re mad about. Like the rest of the fashion and interior world, makeup trends have also seen 70-inspired themes coming into play. And one of the most iconic 70s trends? Graphic and geometric eyeliner shapes.

A super dramatic look that is not for those without a steady hand, the graphic liner look has been mastered by the likes of Nikki Makeup's page, known for her sleek and sexy designs. It’s a super eye-catching look (get it?) an done that announces to the world that you know what you’re doing with an eyeliner pen.

Glitter eye looks


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Another seasonal classic, you simply can’t go wrong with a glitzy eye look at Christmas time. Beautiful metallics and soft shimmers, this year is all about how you use your glittery eyeshadow.

In the past, the glitter eye look has been fairly simple – spread sparkly eyeshadow along the lid to create a festive look. But nowadays, we’re getting more creative with how we use it. Some looks emphasise the glitter in the inner corner of the eye only, in a sort of burst pattern to create an interesting detail, while others mix it with a little fixing spray and sweep it along their eyeline for an extra dramatic look and others, like Fraya who are using pearls and stickers to create a funky look – a style that we personally love. So mix it up a little this year and get creative!