The low down on shaving your legs


If you often end up leaving the bathroom with a trickle of blood down your shin, then read on – help is at hand!

Wet or dry shave
Shaving your legs when they are dry can leave you with razor burn so make sure they are wet. Luke warm water is best and make sure to use either a gel or foam.

Taking about gel or foam, what’s the best to go for?
Using a gel will mean you are less likely to nick your skin.

Direction: With or against hair growth?
Going against the hair will give you a better shave and it is definitely easier going from your ankle to your knee than the other way.

When to throw out the razor
You’ll only get about three uses from a disposable razor so chuck it after this.  It becomes blunt and you will be left with a few hairs on your legs.

Shower or bath
Either is just as good. The water running over your legs while you shower or bathe will soften the hairs, making it easier to get those hairs out.

Cleaning the blade
Clean your blade after every stroke to avoid a build up and don’t let it become dry – it will hurt alot!