The low down on music festival make-up


All this talk of Coachella has got us thinking about summer music festivals. There is nothing quite like sitting under the sun with a beer in one hand, listening to your favourite bands.

However, it is important that you have your make-up down to a tee so you don’t have to worry about it or keep topping it up.

Concealer is handy for hiding blemishes and spots. Pop one into your bag for quick touch ups during the day if necessary.

Tinted moisturiser
A tinted moisturiser is great for giving you light weight coverage without the feeling of heavy foundation. Use one with an added SPF to protect from the sun at the same time.

Lip gloss
A little lip gloss will make you look gorgeous even if you are feeling a little worse for wear.

Waterproof mascara
It will no doubt rain at least once during the festival so waterproof mascara is a must to avoid panda eyes.

Nothing completes your look like a little blusher across your cheeks. A light natural colour will make you look like you didn’t apply make-up at all.