The lazy girl’s guide to weight loss

If you find that strict diets only make you crave unhealthy food even more, perhaps it’s time to rethink your weight loss regime.

While there’s never a quick fix for staying in shape aside from eating well and getting enough exercise, you might not realise that a few simple changes to your routine can make all the difference.

So behold, our lazy girl’s guide to losing weight!

1. Have a lie-in!
We know that staying in bed a little longer isn’t possible every morning, but make the most of your days off by catching a few hours extra shut-eye. Too little sleep can negatively affect your metabolic rate, and you’re also more likely to crave sugar when your body is in desperate need of a pick-me-up. So do yourself a favour and enjoy those relaxed Sunday mornings in bed!

2. Keep healthy snacks nearby
Studies have shown that we are more likely to eat whatever is nearest to us when craving a snack. By keeping quick and healthy foods like fruit and nuts nearby, you’re less likely to make your way to the shop for a sneaky bag of Doritos.

3. Take time for each meal
Mindless eating is a sure-fire way to gain weight. If you inhale your lunch or dinner while leaning against the worktop or scrolling through Facebook, you won’t process how much you’re eating and how fast. Ever notice that when you’re standing at the buffet or snack table at a party that you eat far more than you usually would? Take the time to sit down and eat your meal slowly without any distractions.

4. Swap dessert for tea or coffee
If you begin a restaurant meal with a couple of glasses of wine and end it with dessert, you’ve automatically added an extra 500 calories at least to your daily intake. Skip dessert, opt for a tea or coffee instead, and save the Death by Chocolate for a special occasion.

5. Drink a glass of water before each meal
It's easy to mistake thirst for a feeling of hunger. Make sure you’re hydrated before every meal by drinking a full glass of water. This will also fill your stomach a little, ensuring you don’t overeat without realising.