Kendall just made her feelings about Amber Rose VERY clear


The Kardashian and Jenner family are well known for having an ongoing feud with Amber Rose.

From calling Kim a “home wrecker” after Kanye got with Kim, to Khloé hitting back on Twitter to defend her little sister Kylie from nasty comments from Amber about her relationship with 25-year-old Tyga.

Things kicked off again at Coachella over the weekend after reports have surfaced that Kendall got Amber kicked off the VIP table at the McDonald’s and Chevrolet pool party.

Amber reportedly sat down at the place reserved for Kendall and the 19-year-old responded with, “No way, this is not happening.”

“Well, my drink is here,” Amber replied.

Amber was then asked to leave the VIP table.



Luckily, Kylie wasn’t with Kendall at this time, despite the fact that they were both at Coachella together, flaunting some serious festival fashion.

Amber has denied reports that this run-in with Kendall ever happened saying, “It didn’t happen.”

Kendall has made no comment on the rumours.

Coachella drama or not, we can’t see this feud ending anytime soon.