The Internet thinks Jade Thirlwall is on DRUGS after seeing this video


The Little Mix girls seem to be always up for a laugh during their interviews and promo tours, however, the latest video of Jade Thirlwall has caused concern among her fans.

A recent clip of the singer appeared online and  was taken during an interview in France.

It shows Jade pulling strange faces, rolling her eyes back in her head and fanning herself at the end.


I need help

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Jade herself posted the video, and made light of it, saying she was jet lagged at the time.

But many of her fans took to social media to hit out at the star, who they think is on drugs.


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One Instagram user commented on the video, "Can nobody else tell this is not f*cking jet lag and definitely trying to cover up the fact she’s on drugs," while another wrote, "Back in my day we didn’t call it jet lag. Her eyes almost went to the back of her head.”

Maybe it was just her crazy schedule, a few too many late nights and travelling all over the world that made her act like that. What do you think?