The Head Plan launch new Finance Journal to help keep track of your spending habits

The Head Plan are growing their collection with the introduction of The Head Plan Finance Journal (€32.00). This life-changing 12-month Financial Journal will help you take control of your finances and create healthier money habits that in time will lead to greater financial health & overall wellbeing. We all know how important self-care is for our well-being, but financial self-care is also something we need to take time to focus on. Whether you are saving up to apply for a mortgage, planning a wedding or saving for a summer family holiday, The Head Plan Finance Journal works for every finance goal.

This journal has been carefully designed for those who wish to get a better handle on their spending habits. With an in-depth review section, it helps you identify where you are spending, with many of us often questioning where our money goes at the end of each month. The Head Plan Finance Journal will help you keep track and will reduce the stress you feel around your finances. You will also learn how to adapt the habits of being financially free, improve your current financial situation with ease, and gain control over your money habits.

Denise Kenny Byrne, Co-Founder, The Head Plan

“We are thrilled to finally launch The Head Plan Finance Journal. This is something we’ve been working on since late last year and with the cost of living increasing and many currently feeling financial doom it couldn’t have come at a better time. As a Life & Wellness Coach I know just how important financial wellness is to our overall well-being and yet it’s something that is often overlooked by many. With The Head Plan Finance Journal, you will explore your relationship with money and review & plan your finances like never before. Beginning this 12-month journal marks the beginning of a commitment to yourself and your financial wellbeing. We are really looking forward to joining our community on this journey to financial freedom” Denise Kenny Byrne, Co-Founder, The Head Plan

The Head Plan Finance Journal’s key features include:

  • Monthly tracking so you can accurately record your income, spending, and outgoings
  • Budget planning to help you plan for one-off occasions and big life events
  • Progress trackers so you have a record of just how far you’ve come
  • A financial review to uncover and transform your money habits.
  • Financial goal-setting pages that enable you to make your money goals a reality
  • Coaching & Guidance to ensure you adapt the habits of the financially free

There are also many benefits to keeping a financial journal, such as:

Future-proof your finances

The Head Plan Finance encourages you to rewire your current money mindset, helping you write creative positive financial affirmations to help you improve your finances now and in the future.

Encourages aligned spending

With The Head Plan Finance Journal’s daily financial tracking, planned seasonal splurges, and goal-setting pages, you can make your money go further, helping you make aligned choices about how you spend your money.

Become financially free

With savvy spending tips and tricks and space to change the beliefs you have about money.

The Head Plan Finance (€32.00) is shipping internationally from and via retail partners, Arnotts and Brown Thomas.