The guys you really should stop dating after college


Our college years can be the most or least productive of our lives, so who you date while in college is completely your call. But, after you graduate, you have got to think about your future. You need to make choices that will work for you in the long run and dating the wrong type of guy will only hold you back from being the SHEmazing person you can be.

1. The Cocky Guy
It may have been slick in college the way he loved himself and had the confidence of Spencer Matthews, but now it will be annoying. In the big bad world no one likes someone who thinks they are better than everyone. So, ditch him now or forever hold your peace.


2. The Jack The Lad
He loves that he is “one of the lads”. He doesn’t take much seriously and if you ever ask him where he is, he will call you “clingy”. He is not mature enough for you. Let him go.


3. The Gym King
He is in love with one thing and one thing only – the gym. He takes longer to get ready than you and he spends all his money on tan beds. Dump this fella.


4. The Bottler
If you are scoring a guy and you have been together for a while, but he hasn’t asked you out yet, don’t hold your breath. And, if it has been a year and you are now finished college and still hoping for a relationship – end it now. He will either come crawling back or stay away. At least now you will know if he is worth it.


5. The Slut
Every girl thinks they can change the slutty guy. They think that this man-whore will change his ways for them. Well, he won’t. Don’t bother and if you do, keep it a brief thing. You will most likely get hurt and you don’t need that when you are getting your life together.


6. The Commitment-Phobe
If he is a commitment-phobe now he won’t change once you leave college. Maybe when he hits his forties, but certainly not now. Leave him before he ends it completely.


7. The No Ambition
If they have no ambition or focus in life, they are just gonna drag you down. A stable job shows what they could be like in the future. So, if they are jobless and living off their parents or their friends, it is time to give them up.


8. The Stoner
If 80% of his money is going on grass now, it won’t be changing for a while. Get out there and date around. If you still love him when he kicks the habit you can get back with him. But, leave him for now.


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