The FIRST Pretty Little Liars season 7 promo is here and we’re excited


Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars certainly left us hanging.

We have NO idea what actually happened to Hanna. Mrs DiLaurentis' sister is mega creepy. Alison's hubby is not who we think he is, and everything was pretty much a mess (especially the Liars' love lives).

But now, the season 7 promo has dropped and even though it's only 30 seconds long, it tells us a LOT:

So, Hanna is alive (yes!) but, she's in a lot of danger. Alison is NOT having a good time in the mental hospital. Spencer meets Mary Drake (the big bad sister). Someone is hanging from the bell tower and it doesn't look good.

Oh, and it seems that Team Ezaria and Team Spoby are back together. Did we miss anything else?… Oh, the Liars might all be murderers if Spencer's last line is anything to go by.

Wow. A lot can happen in half a minute. Imagine what this series will be like!

Pretty Little Liars returns to our screens on June 21 – and we totally can't wait.