The first of this year’s Big Brother’s candidates have been revealed!

Big Brother has finally returned to our television screens and judging by the latest candidates we have an exciting summer ahead of us.

The first four contestants in the house are Tamara Stewart-Wood, Mark Byron, Helen Wood and Steven Goode.

Tamara is 24-years-old from London and is apparently known as Cruella de Vil to her nearest and dearest, that sounds interesting.

While the second BB candidate Mark Byron is from Liverpool and considers his full time job as a full-time fashionista.

No surprises then that he likes to have his hair professionally done four times a day and believes if “..everyone could be like Mariah Carey, life would be better”.

Of course there is scandal with this year’s contestants as Helen has apparently slept with Premier League footballer and Steven apparently once dated a married woman.

There are still another six contestants to enter the house. Hmm we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next!