The emotions you go through when you lose your phone


We all know that feeling too well – it's gone. Your precious, overused phone is GONE! Now no one will know where you are, you have no Google maps to find out where to go and your life as you know it is over. Here's the emotional cycle of losing your phone:

1. Panic
You’ve patted down your pockets and realised you don’t feel your phone – it's not there!

2. Anxious
You slowly empty the contents of your pockets and bag, hoping it's secretly hidden in there…

3. Suspicious
You’re convinced you’ve been robbed. It’s better than facing the fact that you were stupid enough to lose it! Now everyone becomes a suspect.

4. Frantic
You run desperately back to the last place you had it and hope that it’s still there.

5. Hysteria
When your phone is not where you thought you left it!

6. Horrified
When you think of how you’ve also lost all your messages/pictures/phone numbers.

7.  Increased hysteria
You’re starting to feel like you’re on an episode of Without A Trace.

Grey's Anatomy

8. Despair
As you continuously call the phone hoping someone will answer.

9. Embarrassed
As you ask anyone within a ten mile radius have they seen your phone.

10. Determined
You try your best to turn into a detective and log onto 'Find my iPhone', full of hope and determination, before you realise it’s crap and does not work unless your lost phone is connected to WiFi…

So this can eventually end one of two ways:

Immense Pleasure
As, thankfully, someone belonging to the rare kind of humanity found it and handed it in somewhere, and you promise to love and care for your phone like never before and never let it out of your sight again.

Grief- stricken
As the reality sets in and you have to come to terms with the fact you’re not getting your phone back, and even worse, someone else got a free phone from your stupidity. So you are forced to go home and use an old Nokia from the stone age and hope Santa is generous this year.

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