The Christmas movies bound to get you in the mood for romance

Let’s be honest, when one thinks about getting a little bit of hanky panky, you don’t necessarily think about Christmas movies, right?

Well it turns out some festive flicks can do a great job of turning you on, and transforming a Christmas movie night into more of a ‘Netflix and chill’ scenario.

But which ones will guarantee you the most romantic action? Misguided have conducted a study, analysing which Christmas films are most likely to result in a ‘Netflix & Chill' this Christmas.

The Missguided Chill Score index has ranked some of the most popular Christmas movies on Netflix based on their chances of landing a ‘chill’. Not the "bra off, hair up, PJ’s on", type of chill… the other kind.

So without further ado, here are the festive films most likely to result in some good ol’ sexy times.

1. Love Actually is the best movie to watch this Christmas to get some action!

Taking first place is Love Actually. The Christmas film created by Richard Curtis has featured many famous faces such as Keira Knightley, Liam Neeson and Emma Thompson (to name a few). Although the film may not feature too many sexy scenes, the romance, the length of the show, the IMDB score AND the fact that the show's characters get thousands of searches for them naked a month means that it's the top film to watch this Christmas to get your magic on with your partner.

2. Last Christmas

A 2019 release, this was last year’s go to Netflix Christmas movie. The movie follows a young woman subscribed to bad decisions and works as an elf in a department store at Christmas. She meets Tom who turns her whole world upside down.

3. The Holiday

This Christmas classic is watched by everyone at least once per Christmas. The movie follows two women who swap lives for Christmas. But their holidays don't run so smoothly as love gets in the way.

4. A Bad Mom’s Christmas

This comedy Christmas spin-off movie from Bad Moms makes everyone laugh as it explores the troubles moms have to go through at Christmas time — from decorating the house to their children's nativity — this movie is relatable and hilarious.