The best Twitter reactions to today’s grim weather!


Unless you have flat-out refused to leave the house this morning, then you've no doubt already battled through snow, sleet and ice to get from A to B.

While some Irish people were ecstatic by the winter wonderland, others were not quite so amused.

Here are a few of our favourite Twitter reactions to the snow (or lack of it in some places)!

1. This photo pretty much captured everyone's snow experience this morning

2. This lad could think of nothing better than some treacherous weather

3. While this girl wasn't quite so pleased

4. Some people just wanted to have a bit of craic, thanks very much

5. Ross, you make a VERY valid point. BRING BACK CHRISTMAS!

6. One man just couldn't bear to take the day off…

7. But others were only delighted by the excuse to stay at home

8. Whatever your opinion, there's no denying Ireland looks MIGHTY pretty this morning

We guess it is kinda nice…for a while… *grumbles*