The 9 excuses we all use not to go to the gym


We all have those good days where we hit the gym and feel great. Then there are days where you would rather eat your shoe than go to that place.

Here are the excuses we tell ourselves on those days: 

1. “If I go now it will be really crowded.”
Especially with all of those body builders around taking up all of the space. 

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2. “I just sneezed two times. I might be getting sick.”
Cough cough, can't go! Now where's my duvet?! 

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3. “I’ll probably be tired all day if I go to the gym before work.”
We can't have that now can we? 

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4. “I’m still a little sore from yesterday.”
Does this mean something is changing? 

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5. “Oh, it’s leg day today…”
Dear God, do NOT skip leg day. 


6. ”I haven’t eaten enough food to go workout today.”
This is definitely a valid excuse. 

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7. “I’m going out tonight so I best relax beforehand and save my energy.”
Sure you'll be burning all those pesky cals on the dancefloor anyway, same thing!

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8. “I didn’t sleep well last night.”
Nap time, zzz…!

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9. “I’ll just go in the morning…”
Early to bed, early to…ooh Gossip Girl is on!

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