The 8 friends you can’t help hating


Some of your hate is legitimate, while some is just in your head. Regardless, here are the friends you can’t help hating (if only a little).

1. Houdini
They will build and build and build up a night out with you, yet disappear and leave you in the lurch the second you get inside the door of the club. They’ll never be there when you need them the most, choosing instead to hang out with some random guy or girl.


2. The Copy Cat
They copy you, and straight up steal all of your ideas. New item of clothing? They’ll have the same identical piece only days later and claim not to have seen you with it at all. They’ll copy you until you can no longer take it. They just want to be with you and unless it stops, they’ll be copying life dreams you have, like a dream wedding.


3. The Terrible Listener
Sometimes we just need someone to talk to; someone to shut up and let us vent. However, this friend makes it their business to make you feel even worse than you already do by turning your sob stories into success stories about themselves, completely ignoring the fact that you are in a terrible place.


4. The Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed One
The last one standing on every night out and the messiest of all of you, yet they are the ones who are as fresh as a daisy the next day. Up for an early morning swim or run while you suffer on with your hangover, even though you were in bed 4 hours before them.


5. The Flaky One
“I’ll definitely be there,” followed by “I’ll be a few minutes late,” followed by “running late not sure if I’ll make it” (this while you’re in position at your pre-designated meet place for an hour. Why do we even bother?…


6. The Genetically Gifted
The fastest metabolism on the planet, this person literally eats twice the the junk food that you do and yet still has the body of a Victoria’s Secret model.


7. Unnecessary Liar
You know the type. They make up an unnecessary over the top story that no one believes but you all nod and smile. All it means is that the one time they actually do spot a celebrity or get freaky with an Irish rugby player, no one will believe them.


8. The Silver Spooned Prince(ss)
The one with the silver spoon. Its not their fault they’re rich, but we can’t help but conclude that all their successes (no matter how small) would not have been achieved without money. The reality is that they come from a background where that money came from a hard work ethic, which they have also inherited.


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