The 4 most annoying things your other half does


Living with your other half is not all bliss and cuddles and there definitely isn’t a constant supply of flowers.

Unfortunately, it’s more about dealing with their irritating habits. Yes, girls have a few annoying ones too, but we’re here to have a moan about our men.

These are the four most annoying things you other half does:

Interrupting your jokes
Yes, they may have heard it before, but that doesn’t mean that they can ruin it for everyone else. It’s the only good one that you have to share and they are constantly spoiling the punchline.

Constant snoring
If you have pulled your significant up on this a few times and they still claim they don’t it, try recording them. They won’t be able to deny actual facts.

Leaving the toilet seat up
This is just going to cause an accident – someone could fall in! Put it down!

Hanging towels up on the floor
This has got to be the most annoying one. Do they really believe a little bathroom fairy flutters around picking up the wet towel. Pfft…

However, while they may be more than a little annoying, we couldn’t live without them.