The 10 best moments in Christmas movies


Christmas is made for movies. It's when everyone is at home, the fire is on, the kettle is always hot and the TV plays all our favourite festive movies on repeat!

Here are our favourite scenes:

1. Love Actually 
When Mark turns up and declares his love for Juliet…sob

2. Home Alone 
When Kevin's mom finally makes it home to her little boy – grab the tissues!

3. Bridget Jones' Diary 
When Bridget chases Mark Darcy and she's wearing no pants and they have an epic kiss in the snow

4. Miracle on 34th Street
When Santa signs with the adorable little girl after her mom tells him she is deaf

6. Elf
When Buddy meets the store manager and he tells him Santa is coming

7. Sleepless in Seattle
Just when you think all is lost – little Jonah forgets his bag on top of the Empire State building

8. The Santa Clause
Scott's visit to the doctor is always a classic

9. It's A Wonderful Life
Most of this film is just a sobfest – a beautiful, wonderful sobfest!

10. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Not festive per se – but come on, who doesn't watch this at Christmas time?! When you realise Wonka isn't actually a crook, it's just lovely!