Ten thoughts every girl has at the gym


Whether you love the gym or you get most of your exercise lifting a purse crammed with neglected membership cards, chances are you have been to one at least once. 

They're pretty much the same the world over and if you've managed to leave a work-out session without experiencing any of the thoughts below, we want to know your secret.

Teach us your ways because the rest of us are struggling here.

1) Will everyone see if I try to un- wedgie myself? Oh, they will. Ah, well.

There’s more where that came from, anyway.

2) I’m sweating so hard in between my boobs right now. Is that good?

Fit boobs! Yeah!

3) Why is that girl wearing make-up? Should I be wearing make-up?

 Yes. No. Yes. No.

4) Where did she get her cute gym outfit? I never get cute gym outfits. 

Oh my God, are people laughing at my Magic Mike  T-shirt?

5) Will that giant ball hold my weight? I’m not chancing it.

I’m not being THAT girl.

6) Woah. That’s heavy. I’m putting this down now.

Walk away.

7) I can’t work this machine. Oh my God, I’ll have to get off without doing anything.

Everyone knows my shame.

8)  I seriously need to fart right now.


9) Look at your man. What a sap.

I mean seriously, what a SAP.

10) Is it time for the sauna yet? I’ve been here for what…only FIFTEEN MINUTES?!

Clock’s broken. Clock is BROKEN.