Ten things that are guaranteed to happen on any night out!


Regardless of whether you’re out for a big Saturday night partaaay, or a bit of pub banter, there is a certain chain of events you just know will unfold as the evening goes on…

1. Outfit stress
It’s always the same. Frantically trying on every outfit combination in your wardrobe and pausing every few minutes to shout “WHY have I got nothing to wear?!” In the end, you’ll usually conclude that the first dress you tried on was grand.

2. Pre-drinking…and drinking…and drinking
A girls' night out is nothing without the obligatory gathering at someone’s house beforehand. The chats are flying, you’re working your way through the gin and tonics, and before you know it, 1am hits. Oops. Sure we’ll still get an hour in the club, right?

3. “Oh my god, this is my song!”
Cue screams of joy from all of you. Now’s the opportunity to pull out those top moves. Beyoncé’s got nothing on us, lads.

4. Less-than-perfect make up
Is there anything worse than catching sight of yourself in the bathroom mirrors after a particularly energetic bout of dancing? That mascara may be lengthening and volumising but it’s not much help to you when it’s running down your cheeks…

5. Finding drunken BFFs
No location in the world offers more opportunity for deep, meaningful chats than the toilet queue in an Irish nightclub. Okay, you’ve only known this girl for 40 seconds, but you’re on the way to becoming soulmates. You'll probably meet her for brunch tomorrow, after your brisk morning jog of course.

6. Buying a round for everyone… and we mean everyone
God forbid you’d leave anyone without a drink in their hand when the time comes for shots. Who wants tequila? Tequila for all!

7. Disappearing acts
Inevitably one member of your party will disappear without warning, and by the time you realise, they’ll already be happily sitting in a taxi – whether it's going to their own house or to someone else's remains to be seen!

8. Finding a way to keep the party going
Closing time always comes around too soon, so why end the night there? It’s all going swimmingly until you find yourself in Coppers at 3am, giving it socks to Cotton-Eye Joe.

9. “I’m definitely not going to the chipper…”
Famous last words. Sometimes the thought of garlic cheese chips is just too much to resist. Oh Abrakebabra, you cruel mistress!

10. Damage control the next day
The true mark of a wild night out is that familiar sweaty panic as you check your Sent Items the following morning. Thank GOD your battery died at midnight.

Once that crisis has been put to rest, you’re free to get back to the sweet embrace of your duvet!