Ten struggles only late people will understand!

If you've ever patted yourself on the back for arriving to work at 9.04am instead of your usual 9.15am, or confidently strolled into a restaurant at 8.30pm thinking that's what everyone else meant by "7ish," then you can count yourself as a member of the Late People's Club.

Some of us are just naturally late. It's nothing personal against anyone, we just can't seem to make it anywhere on time.

Our fellow latecomers will understand, but when you're the only Late Person in your group of friends/class/office, it can result in some seriously awkward situations.

Here are a few Late Person problems we face every day. The struggle is real, folks.

1. Battling the snooze button 
In your half-awake state you somehow manage to convince yourself that you DEFINITELY don't need to get up yet, or at all for that matter. Cue a frantic rush out the door with no make-up on when you finally jolt awake fifteen minutes before you're meant to be in work. Oops.

2. Rushing. Always rushing.
It's a wonder you haven't given yourself a stomach ulcer by now for the amount of public transport-related stress you experience every day. "Why, why, WHY is this bus driving so slowly?"

3. Always being late no matter how much time you allow
It's as if the tasks you need to do to get ready somehow expand to fit the time you have. Oh, you've allowed yourself an hour to get ready for your night out instead of 45 minutes? Don't worry… you'll still be late as usual.

4. Enduring the tense silence when you enter an important event late
Even if you've only missed the first 30 seconds of that morning meeting, the pain of trying to find a seat, take your coat off and mutter "sorry, sorry, bus was late" while everyone pretends not to judge you is enough to make you swear you'll NEVER be late again. Until next week.

5. Struggling to come up with new excuses every time
"Bad traffic" worked for a while, until you accidentally mentioned to your boss that you walk to work every day. "Um… I couldn't find my shoes?"

6. Arriving everywhere out of breath
There's nothing more attractive than showing up to your Tinder date fifteen minutes late with a big sweaty face. Sexy!

7. Debating whether to tell the truth to whoever's waiting
Ok, you could just own up and say you're running late and probably won't be in town for 40 minutes. But somehow every time it just feels easier to send a cheery "There in five!" text. Five what? Five hours?!

8. Deluding yourself that you actually WILL be "there in five"
It'll be graaaand. Just don't check your watch for at least twenty minutes to keep up the illusion.

9. Reeling in shock when something starts on time
Yes, the film was due to start at 6.30pm. But we all know that the ads take at LEAST half an hour, right? Right?!

10. Allowing just enough time, only for something to go drastically wrong
Ah, the bus broke down. Great. Just great. Why is the whole world against us?!