Ten inspirational health quotes to live by!

Sometimes when you're feeling run-down, sluggish and tired, an energised and healthy body can feel like something totally out of reach.

But health is a way of life and not just the way you feel when you've managed to get to the gym two days in a row.

We love these inspiring quotes for a bit of motivation when we're not feeling like our best selves!

1. William Shakespeare
See, they even hated exercise back in the 1500s!

2. Jim Rohn
It is a temple, after all, even if you do fill it with kebabs after a night out!

3. Kevin Trudeau
Talk about motivation!

4. Marjorie Hinckley
The diet starts tomorrow…

5. Michael Pallon
Sometimes the simplest advice is the best.

6. Anonymous
The first key to running that marathon is getting out of bed!

7. Mark Twain
We know it's not easy!

8. Terry Guillemets
No-one else can do the hard work for you.

9. Mahatma Gandhi
Yes, but gold and silver CAN buy you a personal trainer…

10. Anonymous
Mental health is just as important as physical health.